Goodbye latency. Hello higher CPMs.

More revenue

There’s no need to limit the number of bidders anymore

Hybrid set-up

Keep your current client-side integrations but add incremental bidders with ServerBid

Easily add new parters

Quickly activate new partners, with our no-dev-work cloud solution

Maximize User Syncing

Collective user pool and proprietary SmartSync tech lead to near client-side match rates

14+ exchanges

Hook into the leading RTB ad exchanges and networks

Neutral platform

ServerBid doesn’t have its own demand, so don’t worry about manipulated bids

A fully supported and maintained cloud solution

Building your own S2S solution could take months and would require maintenance, while other S2S tools don't offer the flexibility that ServerBid has.

Solutions for Publishers
Solutions for Publishers
Solutions for Publishers
Solutions for Publishers
Solutions for Publishers

Learn how server-side header bidding can increase your ad revenue.

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With ServerBid, we launched header bidding quickly, driving immediate revenue while also keeping us competitive in the industry.
Greg Van Horn, Founder, Launch Potato
ServerBid’s flexibility and speed has made it easy to get up and running quickly and grow our revenue from a variety of new sources.
Mike Patterson, VP of Partnerships, Disqus