ServerBid Pricing - Requests 1-500MM

Requests 1-500MM


$0.003 Request CPM
ServerBid Pricing - Requests >500MM

Requests >500MM

33% discount

$0.002 Request CPM

A Request refers to each request made to ServerBid to fill an ad placement, regardless of how many exchanges ServerBid distributes it to. Requests that you have filtered through our control panel, based on country or domain, are not counted in your bill.

Additional Enterprise Options

White-label Adapter

Fully branded by you. Have your brand listed in

Custom RTB Integrations

We'll integrate your custom demand sources

With ServerBid, we launched header bidding quickly, driving immediate revenue while also keeping us competitive in the industry.
Greg Van Horn, Founder, Launch Potato
ServerBid’s flexibility and speed has made it easy to get up and running quickly and grow our revenue from a variety of new sources.
Mike Patterson, VP of Partnerships, Disqus