What % of publishers do header bidding?

In October, header bidding usage increased from 70% to 71%, with twelve more sites adopting it.

Header bidding adoption over time

Integration Type Sept Oct Change
Any header bidding 70% 71% +1.7%
Client-side wrapper only 42.6% 43.2% +1.4%
Server-side wrapper only 5.8% 6.2% +6.9%
Hybrid 13.6% 14.8% +8.8%
No wrapper 7.7% 6.7% -12.3%


What bidders are publishers using?

This looks at the top 10 exchanges that publishers are using (via client-side adapters). AppNexus holds the #1 spot and can be found on 464 of the 1,000 HBIX sites. The 10th bidder - PulsePoint - still appears on 170 sites.


What client-side wrappers are publishers using?

"Client-side wrapper" refers to a wrapper that contains codes for 2 or more adapters. Index Exchange is the leading 3rd party solution, appearing in 178 sites in the HBIX, while in-house Prebid-based wrappers account for a similar percentage.

Server-side wrapper usage

"Server-side wrapper" refers to integrations where one endpoint pings multiple exchanges on the back-end. Amazon's Transparent Ad Marketplace is the clear leader. Many publishers employ a hybrid solution of both client and server-side wrappers.

More stats

Movement of bidders

Exchange Sept Oct Change
Criteo 27.9% 31.1% +11.5%
Facebook 6.1% 6.6% +8.2%
Sovrn 25.5% 26.7% +4.7%
Index Exchange 41.3% 42.9% +3.9%
AppNexus 44.8% 46.4% +3.6%
Pubmatic 10.9% 10.5% -3.7%

Additional industry stats

Header bidding adoption
across Top 3K US Sites
Average # of adapters
per header bidding site

What codebase do client-side wrappers use?

A majority of all client-side wrappers are built on Prebid. Only 10 sites used the alernative open-source code, Pubfood.

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