Server-side page speeds

More Reach

If you aren't bidding in the header, you're missing out on available impressions.

Server Side Header Bidding

More Revenue

If your advertisers are winning more, you're getting paid more.

Transparent and independent

Easy Integration

One to two weeks is all it takes to offer your pubs a white-labled Prebid.js adapter.

For ad networks looking to compete in header bidding auctions, ServerBid Enterprise offers a way to access this inventory and bid alongside the large players.

ServerBid does server-to-server header bidding

Pure Infrastructure

Think of ServerBid as a series of server-side pipes that connect your publishers' PreBid wrappers with your advertising demand.

ServerBid does server-side header bidding
ServerBid connects to PreBid.js
More revenue and faster pages

Maintain Relationships

ServerBid doesn't buy or sell media, so there are no manipulated bids, and you maintain your publisher and advertiser relationships.

ServerBid does server-to-server header bidding

Real-Time Cookie Syncing

ServerBid's user syncing script and pooled cookie database leads to match rates of 80%+.

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Customer Testimonial

“Our team was able to launch header bidding quickly, which immediately drove revenue and allowed us to remain one of the most innovative companies in the industry.” - Greg Van Horn, Founder and CEO

Get a white-labled header bidding PreBid adapter now.